Why the Church Needs the Prodigal Heir to Return?


What if the father is a good leader whose gentleness and wisdom turns his people towards God? What if new influences cause his worker’s hearts and minds to doubt their responsibilities?  What if the righteous leader has left his home to be among his people and make peace?

What happens in the absence of the leader, the property is possessed by the heir that stayed?  What if the heir who has never left the property, is unsure how to steward it and begins to sell it off or forgo its upkeep?  When the father returns from his travel, what will he say?  What will he do?

What if the prodigal heir during their escapades sees the leader, his father, working in the fields re-connecting the needs of his people to the nature of God?  What if his years living in squander, has transformed them with a renewed mind and heart of a servant? What if the prodigal heir was favored by his father to lead his people?   What if he is returning to share with his family that they need not fear, that he has seen the work of the father and is able and responsible to making peace in the land?

What if the prodigal heir does not return?


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