Edison Churches Book Review

Edison Churches is a must read for any person with a passion for innovating the church.  As life continues to speed up and become more complicated, institutions are asked to become more adaptable and agile.  The church is no exception.  In the Forward of this book Carla Sunberg General Superintendent of the Nazarene Church eloquently states, “For the church, this means we need to be adaptable in terms of our methodologies, but we also need to remain grounded in eternal truths.”  This wisdom is later echoed by the authors: “In the church, our passion for innovation and our willingness to endure failure must always be rooted in the ethos of the kingdom of God.”

This wisdom is highlighted in the diverse innovations of churches presented in this book.  Their stories provide hope for those reading this book to see innovation within their church’s grasp.  For those of churches struggling to keep their doors open, it captures the hope that comes from this trial:  “Missional creativity is birthed among humility, desperation, openness, hunger, and grace.”  And for others struggling to create new wineskins within old structures, it provides a hope filled challenge: “If we want to reach people outside the traditional church box, we have to let the church live outside the box.”

Pioneering is hard, and the first innovations will likely fail, but take courage! “We earn each step of progress through trial and error, through prayer and discernment. Like orchard farmers, we are in this for the long haul.”

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